velcro[magic tape]

velcro[magic tape] / 2012

masking tape ,paint

at Group exhibition「Parasitism -The esthetics of Parasite-」

[vox square/ Kyoto.Japan]

photo : Yuki Moriya


 This was an exhibition at the gallery where it was originally a furniture store. There, on the walls of the gallery, were many traces and marks left from when it was a store, and the marks from the past exhibitions.

 This work was to reproduce every single trace and mark on the wall symmetry as if there is a mirror in the centre of the gallery's wall. Marks and traces were made by masking tapes so that they will be ripped off when the exhibition ended.

 After the exhibition, all materials including masking tapes and timbers used to reproduce the marks and traces were reconstructed into an abstract sculpture and was exhibited.