Veneer [mirror/glass]



make a hole in the wall , other artist’s Installation
at / art project space ARTZONE
京都市中京区河原町通り三条下ル大黒町44 VOXビル 1,2 階
by Group exhibition : exp.

photo : Taro Komiya

 Here we have a veneer wall with a hole and the pieces of other artists. However, when you look into the hole, it turns into a mirror. In the “veneer” mirror on the veneer wall, all materials will be converted into an image.

 Working as an artist, I managed the whole planning of the display too in this exhibition. In the centre of the gallery, I built a wall where the tiny hole on it is the only way to the opposite side.

 For other artists, I asked them to place their works symmetrical to the wall, so that the wall would function as a mirror. A person who looks into the hole would think as if it were a mirror, and see other artists' works at the same time.

 The “veneer mirror” would work as a device that re-image the image of the pieces.

 Interestingly, some people still believed that it is a mirror, even though they could not see themselves. What is mirror? What makes mirror a mirror?