vanitas / 2007

mixed media
table、miscellaneous goods、motor

at Graduate Exhibition 2008 KUAD

[ Kyoto-city museum / Kyoto.Japan]


 It is a work that each motive of still life is spinning at high speed. Some motives like the apple, the glass, or the pearls are even hard to recognise if they are spinning or not.

 There is “vanitas painting” in the western still life painting genre. That is, to express evanescence of life through allegorical meanings of motives like skull, candle, and flower.

 However, I rather felt “evanescence” in ordinary, everyday changing present, instead of in life or death.


將靜物畫中的要素排列,將其分別快速旋轉的裝置作品。水器、蘋果亦或是珍珠以幾乎肉眼辨識不出的速度各自旋轉著。西洋靜物繪畫中有一件名為<Vanitas> 的作品,其中骷髏、蠟燭、花等等隱喻的要素顯示人生的徒勞與虛無。但我對於虛無一詞所感受到的並非生死,而是一般可視的世界中不斷變化的此刻的瞬間。